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2020 Convention: Session B Workshop Descriptions

2020 Convention: Session B Workshop Descriptions

Learn what your colleagues can share about the First Amendment and social media, GIS efficiency, economic development, qualified immunity, and cybersecurity.

These sessions will take place on Tuesday, December 1st from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

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B1 "Tweet No Evil" -- Understanding the First Amendment Implications of Social Media Use by Public Officials - Co-sponsored by Pullman & Comley, LLC

This session will explore the unique legal issues that apply to the social media activities and accounts of local public officials.  A tweet, share or like made via a town social media account, or a private social media account promoted on a town website, can take on special legal significance potentially exposing the town and public official to liability.  Even good faith efforts to block offensive posts or comments on a "non-political" social media account can trigger First Amendment concerns.  State and federal courts from around the country are increasingly hearing cases addressing these issues.  This session will give attendees a guided tour of the latest legal developments in this rapidly evolving area. 

B2 GIS Efficiency: Increasing Your Return on Investment by Utilizing GIS for All Municipal Departments - Co-sponsored by Flo Analytics

Cities and towns in Connecticut regularly use GIS to help manage assets and land record data. This presentation will highlight other ways GIS can support local government operations, with specific focus on how to leverage GIS technology already in use with no additional investment. From public awareness and citizen engagement campaigns to optimized snow-plow routes, we will explore several case studies showcasing cities and towns using lesser known but equally powerful GIS applications. Cloud-based GIS services, like ArcGIS Online, have increased GIS use across municipal departments while simultaneously increasing the return on investment. By the end of the presentation, participants will understand how their existing GIS software can be used to increase efficiency and improve services for all municipal departs. Additionally, the audience will walk away with a clear road map for implementing cloud-based GIS solutions.

B3 Fundamentals of Municipal Economic Development in the COVID-19 Era: Getting your Businesses on the Right Track - Co-sponsored by AdvanceCT

Join AdvanceCT as we dive into the basics of a strong local economic development effort during the COVID-19 era. We will discuss what economic development means and how that meaning changes for every community as well as the roles and responsibilities of your town's economic development team. We will also talk about engaging your local businesses and helping them to stay afloat in an economy that continues to feel the effects of COVID-19. What programs are available to support them? What actions can your town take to ensure their success? How can you coordinate your efforts with those of your region and the state?

B4 Qualified Immunity Co-sponsored by the Connecticut Association of Municipal Attorneys (CAMA)

This session will discuss the history and origins of qualified immunity, examine the doctrine in practice, and explore current related events.

B5 Three Pillars of A Robust Cybersecurity Program for Municipalities Co-sponsored by blumshapiro

This session will focus on three critical components of a strong municipal cybersecurity program:  1) Identifying Vulnerabilities, 2) Cyber Awareness/Education, and 3) Threat Monitoring and Incident Response

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