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2020 Convention: Session A Workshop Descriptions

2020 Convention: Session A Workshop Descriptions

Learn what your colleagues can share about navigating the challenges of working in local government, with hot topics ranging from private use of public property, collaboration, municipal construction, and branding.

These sessions will take place on Tuesday, December 1st from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm.

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A1 The Use of Public Property for Private PurposesCo-sponsored by Murtha Cullina LLP

From flag poles, to Santa Claus, to conference rooms, in this session we will discuss what is constitutionally permissable.

A2 Collaboration in Times of Crisis: Municipalities and Boards of Education - Lessons Learned and Best Practices from the COVID-19 Pandemic Response

The response of local leaders to a crisis must be immediate and effective.  Effective responses require collaboration that builds relationships across multiple disciplines and organizations.  Collaborative leadership sets the example for finding new ways to communicate, solve problems and build trust with counterparts.  Hear local and statewide perspectives on how boards of education and municipalities have effectively worked together in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to reduce risk, plan and budget for collaborative efforts, and promote leadership strategies that support and model collaborative behaviors.

A3 The COVID-19 Adaptation - Building Resilience for Long-term Success - Co-sponsored by Connecticut Interlocal Risk Management Agency (CIRMA)

The world is changing and the marketplace is evolving at a rapid pace. Though times are uncertain in our country and in the world right now, one thing remains certain—CIRMA is here for our members. Now and always.

In addition to the pandemic, there are a myriad events that have the potential to disrupt your normal business operations, ranging from natural disasters and internal and external threats to everyday human errors.  While the causes may be vast, these unwelcomed occurrences may result in lost revenue, service interruptions, and negative reputational impacts.  These short- and long-term complications affect all municipalities in varying degrees.

CIRMA’s Risk Management Team offers deep expertise on how to build your operational resiliency during times of crisis or potential disruptions in normal business procedures.  
Business Continuity Best Practices that will be covered include:

  • Pre-event planning
  • Event response
  • Post-event recovery
  • Long-term resiliency

A4 Why is NOW the best time for a Capital Project? - Co-sponsored by Downes Construction Company

Learn why now is the best time to build and how times of uncertainty affect future construction projects. Discussion on how product supply, productivity, market competition, lower interest rates, professional consultants, construction delivery method and bidding environment impact project costs. You will walk away from this interactive workshop with an understanding on how best to conceptualize and organize a project, keep the program and design efficient and keep construction costs under control.  We will end with a speed round of do's and don'ts.

A5 Branding and Marketing for Municipalities

Many towns and cities are redeveloping their brands and marketing to better define their uniqueness, and to attract and retain residents and businesses. This session will feature considerations municipalities should take before and during the branding/marketing process, as well as during and after implementation of key messages to target audiences for impactful results.

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