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Fireye Intelligent Boiler Controls

Fireye Intelligent Boiler Controls

CCM and U.S. Energy have partnered to provide CCM-member towns and cities Fireye from United Technologies — the NX-M2G intelligent boiler solution that eliminates waste cycling, reducing energy use and energy cost (up to 25%). Recently selected by the General Services Administration and U.S. Department of Energy as a High Impact Technology through the Green Proving Ground (GPG) program, this technology uses temperature sensors and advanced algorithms to distinguish between boiler standby losses and actual demand for space heating, in order to conserve energy by reducing boiler “false starts” without compromising occupant comfort.

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How It Works back to top

M2G is an intelligent boiler load optimization controller and has been specifically designed to prevent boiler dry cycling by differentiating between a genuine demand for heat from a demand resulting from standby losses from the boilers.

An M2G is fitted to each boiler and constantly measures and analyzes the temperature profile of each boiler in real time via digital sensors fitted to each boiler's supply and return lines. This enables the M2G to identify and prevent the boiler from standby cycling and more importantly allows the boiler to fire immediately if there is a genuine demand for heat.

If a BMS is in place, the M2G integrates with it, taking its "Stop/Start" signal directly from the BMS. Just as importantly, it recalculates the values every time the boiler reaches its required set point temperature. This allows the system to adapt to BMS variable set-points and not conflict with other existing controls.

Key Benefits back to top

  • Proven energy savings (10% to 25%)
  • Reduction in electrical energy usage
  • Reduction in maintenance and service cycles
  • Lower CO2 & GHG emissions
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Cutting edge proprietary, patented technology
  • Short-term paybacks (2 – 3 years)
  • Long-term reliability
  • Safe, tamper proof, repeatable control
  • Five year warranty
  • “Shoulder season” savings

Potential Applications back to top

  • Closed loop commercial boilers that use gas, oil, propane and/or LPG for building or process heating
  • Single or multiple boiler configurations
  • Compatible/integrates with existing controls and operations
  • Dynamic and self-adjusting
  • Operates with existing BMS systems
  • Single Stage, Multi-Stage, or Modulating boilers
  • Easily retrofitted to existing boilers or installed with new boilers
  • Requires no maintenance or seasonal calibration

Contact Info back to top

Andrew R. Merola, BEP, CEP
Member Resource & Program Development Manager

Phone: 203.498.3056

Fax: 203.562.6314


Webinar back to top

On May 9, 2017 we held a webinar to further explain Fireye. If you wish to view the recording of the presentation, click here. You will be asked to enter your name and email address.

If you wish to view the pdf of the presentation without the audio portion, click here