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Municipal Excellence Awards

Municipal Excellence Awards

Each and every day, municipal officials throughout the state of Connecticut do outstanding work that promotes quality of life in our communities. Through both individual and team efforts, they make Connecticut towns and cities excellent places to live, work, and play.

CCM’s Municipal Excellence Awards recognize innovative projects and individuals that have significantly improved the quality of life for citizens, established partnerships, and built community support. The competition applauds the achievements of leaders and municipalities and encourages others to strive for excellence.

Awards are presented each year at the annual Convention.

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This year's Topical Award Category is Innovation in Security and Public Safety. 

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Submission Deadline: Friday, August 16th.

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2018 Award Winners

The category awards were presented during lunch on Tuesday, October 30th.

Topical Category:
Creative Use of Resources, Partnerships, and Collaborations
City of Torrington
Bowman Senior Gardens

Torrington was honored for its creative use of resources, partnerships, and collaborations. The Bowman Garden Property, 2 ½ acres, was gifted to the Seniors of Torrington by longtime Torrington resident Edwin Bowman in 1974.  In 2015, it was decided that an all-out effort would be made to improve the gardens, increase participation, and make the property user-friendly for all seniors.  The goals were to increase access to fresh foods; improve food security, increase physical activity through garden maintenance activities, improve dietary habits through education, increase fruit and vegetable intake and develop a sense of community and promote relaxation on a $0 budget. 

General Entry Award:
Population Category 1 (20,000 and Under)
Town of Stonington Police Department
Police Radio Upgrade Project

The town of Stonington is being recognized for upgrading its communications network.  Stonington Police Chief Darren Stewart secured a unique communication partnership with the State of Connecticut and their Division of Statewide Emergency Telecommunication (CTS).  In the past, Stonington faced many issues with communication which lead to high costs for emergency services.  Chief Stewart and the CTS agreed to share resources to provide better and less expensive communication services, not just to the Town of Stonington but to the region and the state.  Stonington Police Department’s efforts improved emergency radio communications, saved money for the taxpayers, and provided better services overall to the community and the state. 

General Entry Award:
Population Category 2 (20,001 to 40,000)
Town of South Windsor
Emergency Operations Center

The town of South Windsor is being recognized for its Emergency Operations Center.  In the last several years Connecticut has experienced devastating hurricanes, snow storms, earthquake swarms, and tornados.  Ensuring citizen safety, dispatching emergency personnel, clearing roads, and restoring utilities following a weather or health emergency were all considered when developing the Emergency Operations Center.  The Command Center has been utilized by South Windsor staff, other municipalities, and regional and state agencies.  It has been used for training drills along with a statewide Ebola drill.  “When your capital is human life, it’s a duty not a project.” 

General Entry Award:
Population Category 3 (40,001 and Over)
City of Norwalk
GIS Permit and Inspection System

The city of Norwalk is being recognized for its GIS Permit and Inspection System.

The City of Norwalk, with nearly 90,000 residents, faced issues with the silos housed across various municipal departments.  Norwalk was determined to find an improved and more collaborative platform that would increase resource-sharing between departments and ultimately improve customer service to residents. Norwalk went live on MuniCity in March 2017.  The shared interface allowed departments to access permitting and inspection information in real time and users to access detailed information about a project.  This sped up the process of inspections, eliminated the requirement of paper reports, and allowed for easy access to contractor licenses. 

The individual awards were presented on Tuesday, October 30th at CCM's Annual Meeting and Dinner.

Richard C. Lee Innovators Award
Matthew B. Galligan
Town of South Windsor

Joel Cogen Lifetime Achievement Award
Matthew B. Galligan
Town of South Windsor

2018 Municipal Legislator of the Year
Senator George Logan
For Outstanding Accomplishments in Protecting the Interests of Local Communities

2018 Municipal Legislator of the Year
Representative Jason Rojas
For Outstanding Accomplishments in Protecting the Interests of Local Communities

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2016-2017 Award Winners

To view winners from previous years, click here.

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