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In accordance with the policy established by CCM’s Board of Directors, CCM research staff provide prompt, individualized replies to requests for CCM member municipal officials on any topic related to municipal governance and operations. The current response time for research requests is 5-10 business days, however, requests may be expedited and urgent requests can be completed in as little as one business day.

CCM's research request policy can be found by clicking here.

If you require an expedited response, please contact Andy Merola, Municipal Resource & Program Development Manager, at 203.498.3056 or by email at

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Terms of Service: CCM research staff do not provide legal advice, opinions or conclusions. Any information provided in response to a research request is for general reference purposes only. If you have questions about a legal issue, the application of the law to specific factual situations, or the interpretation of any statutes, ordinances or case law, CCM strongly recommends that you consult your municipal attorney or other relevant party. In accordance with the policy approved by the CCM Board of Directors, requests are accepted from the following pre-approved individuals in member municipalities: • Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) or their designee (e.g., chief of staff, administrative assistant, etc.); • Members of Boards of Selectmen; • Members of Boards of Finance; and • Chairs of town/city/legislative council. The CEO is notified via email of all requests made. A response is provided to requester via email, and the CEO is copied on the response. Requests from all other municipal officials must be approved by the CEO prior to proceeding.