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Supreme Court Cases of Interest

Supreme Court Cases of Interest

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04/12/21 Supreme Court Strikes Down Another COVID Restriction Affecting Religion
03/25/21 Supreme Court Rules Against Police Officers in Fourth Amendment Case
03/08/21 Supreme Court to Decide Malicious Prosecution/Civil Rights Burden of Proof Case
03/04/21 SLLC Files Supreme Court Amicus Brief in Appellate Costs Case Involving a City
02/08/21 Supreme Court Strikes Down California’s Ban on Indoor Religious Services
01/14/21 Local Governments Win Impounded Car SCOTUS Case
01/12/21 Supreme Court to Decide Case Challenging Non-Profit Donor Disclosure State Law
01/04/21 SLLC Files Supreme Court Amicus Brief Defending State Court Jurisdiction
12/18/20 SCOTUS Allows President Trump to Try to Exclude Undocumented Persons from Census Apportionment Base
11/25/20 State and Local Legal Center Argues Nominal Damages Only Lawsuit is Moot
11/24/20 Supreme Court to Decide Tribal Search Case
11/23/20 SCOTUS to Decide whether to Extend the Community Caretaking Warrant Exception
11/17/20 Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Significant Land Use Case
11/10/20 Counting to Five: the ACA May Be Here to Stay
11/05/20 State and Local Legal Center Asks Supreme Court to Hear Important Municipal Liability Case
10/27/20 SCOTUS Disallows Wisconsin Absentee Ballots to be Counted if Received After Election Day
10/22/20 Supreme Court Allows Alabama Curbside Voting Ban to Stand
10/20/20 U.S. Supreme Court Allows Pennsylvania to Count Ballots Received after the Election
10/19/20 SCOTUS to Decide whether Warrantless Home Entries to Investigate Misdemeanors are Constitutional
10/19/20 Supreme Court to Decide if Census Results May Exclude Undocumented Persons
10/07/20 Supreme Court Overturns Judge-Made Change to South Carolina Absentee Voting Requirement
10/02/20 Supreme Court to Hear Climate Change Case Brought by City
09/29/20 SCOTUS and the Seismic Shift: What Might it Mean for States and Local Governments?
09/28/20 Supreme Court to Hear Numerous Cases of Interest to States and Local Governments While Down a Justice
08/31/20 SCOTUS Leaving Stay-At-Home Orders Alone; Disallowing Judge-Made Changes to Election Laws
08/10/20 Supreme Court Lifts Injunction on Jail Ordered to Implement COVID-19 Safety Measures
07/09/20 Supreme Court Holds Creek Reservation Exists in Oklahoma
07/06/20 Four Supreme Court Justices Question First Amendment Precedent Problematic for States and Local Governments
06/30/20 SCOTUS Rules Federal Constitution Trumps State Constitution in Religious School Aid Case
06/18/20 DACA Survives…For Now
06/15/20 SCOTUS Rules Employers May Be Sued for Sex Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination
06/11/20 What Would Eliminating Qualified Immunity Mean for States and Local Governments?
06/08/20 Supreme Court Rules Against Prisoner in Prison Litigation Reform Act Case
06/08/20 State and Local Legal Center Listserv: SCOTUS and the next (few) weeks
05/07/20 Supreme Court Allows Pennsylvania COVID-19 Closure Executive Order to Stand
05/07/20 Supreme Court Overturns “Bridgegate” Fraud Convictions
04/23/20 Supreme Court Takes a Middle of the Road Position in Groundwater Clean Water Act Case
04/17/20 New York Challenges Regulations Related to Federal Coronavirus-Based Leave
04/08/20 SLLC Advocates for Nationwide Injunctions in Supreme Court Brief
04/06/20 State Wins SCOTUS Revoked License Search Case
03/02/20 The Affordable Care Act is Taking its Third Trip to SCOTUS
02/25/20 SCOTUS to Decide whether Local Governments May Require Foster Care Agencies to Work with Gay Couples
01/09/20 Supreme Court to Decide Bankruptcy Case Affecting Local Governments
12/20/19 Supreme Court to Try Again to Decide Oklahoma Tribal Issue
12/19/19 Significant Homeless Decision Stands
12/19/19 Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Case Regarding Governors’ Authority to Appoint Judges
12/19/19 Supreme Court to Decide Excessive Force Case
07/10/19 Supreme Court PREVIEW articles
07/05/19 SLLC July Newsletter
06/27/19 Ball is Now in Secretary Ross's Court SCOTUS Rules in Census Case
06/26/19 SCOTUS Keeps Auer Deference
06/17/19 Supreme Court Rules Dual-Sovereignty Stays
06/04/19 SLLC SCOTUS webinars
06/03/19 Employers Lose Important Procedural Employment Discrimination Case
05/31/19 SLLC June Newsletter
05/28/19 Supreme Court Rules for Police Officers in Free Speech Retaliation Case
04/22/19 SCOTUS to Decide if Federal Employment Law Prohibits Discrimination on the Basis of Sexual Orientation and Transgender Status
04/11/19 Timb v. Indiana Won't Have Much Impact
04/02/19 Supreme Court Agrees to Decide Fourth Amendment Vehicle Registration Case
02/21/19 Supreme Court Decides Excessive Fines Case Against States and Local Governments
02/19/19 Supreme Court to Decide Groundwater Clean Water Act Case
02/15/19 Supreme Court to Review Census Citizenship Question
02/06/19 Supreme Court Midterm Articles
02/04/19 SLLC Files Supreme Court Amicus Brief in Significant Agency Deference Case
01/24/19 Supreme Court Agrees to Decide Drunk Driving Case
06/27/17 Supreme Court Holds Partisan Gerrymandering Claims May Not be Litigated
06/27/17 Supreme Court Rules in Favor of State Statutes Allowing Warrantless Blood Draws of Unconscious Drivers